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Point of Sale

The Store Chek Point of Sale is an easy to use touchscreen based system.  This full featured register is designed to allow cashiers with minimal training to become proficient in very little time.  Using state-of-the-art hardware, the Point of Sale is an all-in-one computer touchscreen that features a small footprint and sleek design.  The Store Chek Point of Sale is appropriate for store environments that do not require controlling fuel pumps.  Features include:

  • Interface to Verifone credit card terminals

  • Cashier rights by employee ID

  • Ability to put invoices on hold and recall

  • Reports on exception type transactions: Paid Outs, No Sales, Returns, etc.

  • Mix-Match and Quantity Tier Pricing

  • Real time interface to the back office

  • Age restrictions/ID Check

  • Package pricing with unlike items

  • Collect Store Chek restaurant tickets

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