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Experience. There is no substitute.  People say you learn from your experience and we've learned plenty.  We know the industries and we know the technology.  Software solutions aren't always "ready for prime time" from the beginning and our software has been honed by user feedback and real world situations.  Software that is tried and true.

Intuitiveness. A system can only be as good as how well you know how to use it.  If a system is difficult to use and answers are hard to come by, then that system is not working well for you.  Our systems are intuitive and if something doesn't appear to be working right or you just have a question, give us a call!  We're accessible and easy to talk to.  You won't experience "Your expected wait time is...", instead a real person will answer the phone and help you right away!

We listen to our users.  It's no surprise that the people that use our systems everyday have the best ideas how to make our systems even better.  Many enhancements are the direct result of suggestions from users.  Also, Store Chek Systems is part of a company that operates truck stops, so we're well acquainted with what is needed for back office and point-of-sale systems.

We're in the business.  Our parent company operates stores that are our customers as well.  Consequently we are very hands on when it comes to designing and getting feedback for systems that work in a real world environment. Our systems reflect what works for the end user, possible only when the end user can easily communicate with the software designer.

We're in this for the long haul.  We installed our first system in 1989.  In 1989 computers were large white boxes and monitors were boxy CRT style displays.  Much has changed in the decades since and we're continuously adapting to the newest technology.

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