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Truck Stops

Store Chek Systems was started by a truck stop chain in the western United States in the late 1980's.  We understand the unique needs of truck stops.  We are engaged in the industry and are proud to be the back office provider to some of the nation's most prominent truck stops.

Convenience Stores


Our back office solution works as well at a small convenience store as it does at a large truck stop.  Many of our customers are stand alone convenience stores with gas pumps.  We've found that the needs of the stand alone convenience store closely match the needs of the gas side at truck stops.  The experience we've earned in the truck stop world applies just as well to the convenience store.



Many truck stops are adding QSR's or deli's to their palate of traveler conveniences.  The Store Chek restaurant system is a good fit for these scenarios where kitchen printing is needed.  The restaurant ticket can be collected at any Store Chek POS, whether in the store or at the QSR/deli.


Any store that sells UPC bar coded items can benefit from Store Chek back office.  Our customers include cigarette stores, liquor stores, museums, gift stores, and more!

Tailored Solutions for our Clients

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