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Based on Microsoft™ Technology

To achieve the best user experience and best interoperability possible, Store Chek has chosen to base our technologies on Microsoft™ products.  Microsoft SQL Server™ is the enterprise grade back end foundation of our systems.  Microsoft SQL Server™ is a high performance, secure, and widely supported database that records and reports your business information.

The Store Chek back office is based on a Microsoft Office™ product.  This provides you a familiar user interface and interoperability with other Office™ products.  For example it is as simple as clicking an icon to export a report to Excel™.  The top ribbon is the standard Office™ ribbon, which includes many of the icons and functions you're already familiar with.

Store Chek's POS, Server Station, and tablet apps are all also based on Microsoft™ technologies.  Striving to stay current with current technologies is an important part of Store Chek's mission to provide our customers the best systems possible.

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