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Industry Best Support

Quite simply, we're proud of the support we provide our customers, we think it's the best in the industry.  In an age where getting help can be a dreadful experience, we endeavor to provide an experience that is more delightful than dreadful.  We pride ourselves on fast, personable, and thorough support.  No robots, queues, or expected wait times.

What does "support" mean?  It means your call is answered promptly and the Store Chek representative that answered your call will likely be the same person that will fix your issue.  Support can also mean a new report or system enhancement that would benefit you is delivered without an additional charge.

A system can only work as well as the ability of the user to use the system.  Employee turnover is an issue all businesses must contend with.  We will spend extra time on the phone with new users not only covering how to use Store Chek but also the business procedures that go along with it.

We view support as an opportunity to affirm why partnering with Store Chek is the right decision for your business.

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