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Back Office

The Back Office is the focal point for managing inventory, sales, reporting, and more.

Inventory Control -  The Store Chek Back Office provides all aspects of inventory control: Setting up and changing UPC items, automated and manual receiving, physical inventory, ordering, inventory adjustments.  Tools that establish and maintain accurate inventory on hand values.

Sales - The Store Chek Back Office reads in all invoices from the point of sales systems, and in many cases, on a real-time basis.  The invoices are recorded in the back office and available for review at any time.  These invoices are the basis for shift reconciliation and sales reporting.  Daily business totals by payments/tenders and sales categories/subcategories are available on demand.

Reporting - Which items are really contributing to your bottom line?  Which items haven't sold?  What are your month to date sales for your sales categories?  Reports provide insight to your store performance and can shed light on areas that can be improved.  Store Chek Back Office provides a myriad of reports.

And More - Interface to cigarette/tobacco companies for credit.  Print UPC labels with either a desktop or portable printer.  Receive and reconcile fuel.  Control employee access to sensitive information.

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