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Restaurant System

For the restaurant and the quick serve (QSR) customer Store Chek has created a streamlined system with efficiency in mind.  Servers can quickly enter orders that print to the kitchen or elsewhere and meal tickets are equally quick to retrieve and collect at the Store Chek Point-of-Sale.  Store Chek’s restaurant system is completely integrated to the Store Chek Back Office and the Store Chek Point-of-Sale.  The Back Office is used to setup menu items, servers, and other managerial activities, while the Point-of-Sale has the capability to recall restaurant tickets by reading a bar code printed on the ticket.Orders are entered into the Store Chek Server Station, a computer dedicated to creating meal tickets and directing the printing of the menu items to the appropriate printers.  Features of the Store Chek restaurant system are:

  • Customizable menu items utilizing qualifiers and modifiers.
  • Individual menu items print to designated printers.
  • Track Server productivity and tips.
  • Split Orders multiple ways.
  • Menu item sales reports.
  • Tickets are displayed so that you may quickly scan for old tickets and alert yourself to the possibility of non-payment.

Available Interfaces: