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Point of Sale System

Store Chek’s touchscreen point-of-sale is an intuitive, full featured cash register designed with efficiency, accuracy, and accountability in mind.  With the capability to handle any store transaction imaginable, yet simple enough for a new cashier to achieve proficiency in minutes, the Store Chek point-of-sale is a time-tested design suited for small convenience stores all the way to large travel centers.The Store Chek point-of-sale is integrated to the Store Chek back office so that price changes and new items in the back office are available moments later on the point-of-sale.  Similarly within moments of a completed transaction, the sale is recorded in the back office and on hand quantities updated.  However if the connection is lost to the back office the cash register continues to run uninterrupted as a stand-alone unit.Here are some of the many features offered by the Store Chek touchscreen point-of-sale:

  • Integration to the Verifone™ MX series payment terminals for the latest in PCI compliance and lightning fast credit card authorizations.
  • Integration to Store Chek’s restaurant system.  Restaurant items may be ordered on the Store Chek point-of-sale and restaurant tickets collected as well.
  • Accounts receivable customer list available for open account charges.
  • Multiple discounts allowed by item or entire transaction.
  • Cashier rights so that availability of point-of-sale functions is governed by who is logged into the point-of-sale.
  • In process invoices may be placed on hold and recalled later.
  • A full range of “exception” transactions: paid-outs, no sales, returns, etc. with full reporting on these type of transactions.

Available Interfaces: